Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a collection of our frequenctly asked questions

Do I need in-depth knowledge to use Monetor?

No. One of our primary drivers for developing Monetor is simplicity, without requiring an expert-level understanding of currency risk or spending much time on it. Our solutions are easy to understand by anyone.

How does Monetor access data?

Monetor can consume data in several ways, through an application programming interface (API), data exports directly to our servers, email or via excel. Speak to our team, and we'll help.

Can I keep using my current setup?

Yes, you can. Monetor is a decision support system. Where you buy your currency is up to you - no need to change and no counterparty risk to Monetor.

Can I collaborate with colleagues in using Monetor?

Yes, you can set up access to your account for multiple team members. For instance, invite your stakeholders to set the strategy and empower your team to follow the plan.

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