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Reduce Currency risk without thinking about it

Let us Monetor it for you.

Currency markets moving too quickly to constantly watch? Monetor is here to help! With our powerful B2B Currency as a Service platform, you can stay on top of markets without overreacting to volatility. Try Monetor and stay ahead of the game!

Forward planning

Slash forward points by up to 50%

Supercharge your forward strategy with savvy planning and fail-safe methodology. Keep your company's liquidity flowing, all while making smart forward purchases.

A clear overview of how FX impacts your business

Make the unpredictable predictable

With the rise of unpredictable global events, managing currency markets has become increasingly difficult. That's why we created our  platform that helps companies reduce their risk and maximize their profits by automating FX processes.

Our platform is built on sophisticated algorithms and provides companies with real-time monitoring of the currency markets.

Our simple call to action guides you though turbulent waters.

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Protect your bottom line

Automate your FX process

Stay on budget and gain a competitive edge in the currency market with Monetor’s powerful platform.

With just a couple of clicks, Monetor automatically adjusts stop loss and take profit levels in real-time, ensuring that you’re always on top of your trades.


Don't go it alone

Making currency decisions for your company can be stressful and time-consuming. Share the burden: the board sets the strategy, the system guides accordingly. Anyone can execute. We do not predict the markets, but we do help you navigate them. Get rid of your currency spreadsheets, save time, and get currency right.

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Reduce the cost of money

Every time you buy or sell currency, a margin is added to the currency rate, and is one place financial instiutions get revenue from. This margin can be negotiated - like most things.

Why not use Monetor to benchmark your margins?

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