What if you never had to check the FX rates again?

Currency volatility is now twice as high as pre Covid.

Monetor is a platform that digitises your currency plan, helps manage volatility risk and protect the bottom line.
A clear overview of how FX impacts your business

Our professionals guide you in understanding foreign exchange (FX)

The world of FX can be unclear and difficult to understand. Our FX professionals and platform give you a clear overview of how FX impacts your business.

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Protect your bottom line

Creating custom FX strategies and helping you decide on what to do next

We take guesswork and emotion out of the equation. Together we create a currency plan that protects your bottom line: we identify where your risk hides, provide forecasts, set targets, and decide on the best strategy to achieve them.

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Reduce the risk of losing money

You probably have money at risk that needs protecting: no more adverse currency movements eating into your margins. With the insights and control that Monetor provides, you can set prices more sharply, increase your competitiveness, and protect your cash flow.

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Empower your organisation

Making currency decisions for your company can be stressful and time-consuming. Share the burden: the board sets the strategy, the system guides accordingly. Anyone can execute. We do not predict the markets, but we do help you navigate them. Get rid of your currency spreadsheets, save time, and get currency right.

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